Features                       Benefits
DUT is isolated at temperature within the insulated enclosure and is not affected by surrounding devices or external factors (i.e. heat and power dissipation).   An electrical noise-free, moisture-free thermal environment, optimal conditions for DUT testing, enhance test accuracy.
Tester electronics are not subject to temperature as the DUT is brought to precise temperature with the enclosure   Improved tester load board performance and reliability. By not exposing the test equipment to temperature, ATE investment is protected.
50 ohm impedance-matched connections and shielded signal paths used in the tester interface provide clear, accurate signals between the tester and the DUT   High quality results are achieved when testing subjects of all types, including digital, high frequency (to 40 GHz), low electrical noise DUTs, modules, printed circuit boards and other assemblies.
Uniform, stable temperature at the DUT with accurate real-time thermal measurements directly at the device case.   Improved test precision and repeatability, especially critical for high power device test and other applications
 Control measures temperature directly at the DUT's device case within the THERMAL TEST FIXTURE for thermal accuracy.   Greater thermal test precision and confidence in test accuracy.
With tester-specific, application-specific design or standard configurations available, TERMAL TEST FIXTURE can be configured to interface to any one major test station or rack and stack test system   ATE tester compatibility is assured for a convenient, turn-key test solution with reliable test results .
Moisture-free, noise-free, ESD-free testing.   Isolating the DUT ( device, PCB, assembly) at precise temperature, insulated from external factors, provides the optimal conditions for greater test accuracy
Non-temperature testing   DUT is isolated in an ESD-free, noise-free environment. Tester interface is complete with electrical and mechanical connections for a turnkey system.
Enclosure design flexibility  ATE/test equipment interface expertise for thermal and non-thermal test applications.   Devices, PCBs, hybrids, MCMs, and assemblies of all types can be tested with precision (i.e High frequency, high power, RF, microwave) in a controlled environment in a Turnkey Test System.
Clean, CFC-free, ESD-free air in the insulated enclosure.   No environmental or safety concerns.